COMPOST (September 2020)

Hey whatsup? You got like 40 hours of spare time and nothing to do? Well, I don’t know what kind of freak you are but I’ve got your back. Here’s a metric shit-pile of compilation albums that came out in the past few months. This is no joke. One of these comps has like 150 songs on it. Here’s your chance to discover a lot of new bands. It doesn’t matter what gender you identify with, you are going to have a caveman beard when you get done with this. Happy hunting!

πŸ’€Year Of The Mask – Avant! Records (darkwave) (newwave)

πŸ’€2020 Earth Day Comp – Mourning Records (indie rock) (emo)

πŸ’€Blood Fest Comp – Violent Breed Records (hardcore) (punk)

πŸ’€Noise From The South – Struggle Records (hardcore) (punk rock)

πŸ’€Music Venue Trust – CPRW Records (pop-punk) (skate-punk)

πŸ’€Big Bully Comp – Orlando Punk Archive (90’s) (indie) (punk)

πŸ’€Crowd Kill Your Lampshade – Bitter Hearts Records (grindcore( (hardcore)

πŸ’€Volume One – Sockhead Records (punk rock) (garage-punk)

πŸ’€Kat Music For Kat People Vol IV -Bloated Kat Records (pop-punk) (powerpop)

πŸ’€Give Me The Cure Volume One (punk) (indie)

πŸ’€Horror Of The Unwashed Hands – Kafadan Kontak (garage-punk) (garage-rock)

πŸ’€Sick Boyz II – Stupid Decisions Records (bedroom-pop) (indie)

πŸ’€Only Death Is Fatal – Immaculate Obscurity (70’s) (80’s) (punk)

πŸ’€Protest And Survive Compilation (indie rock) (garage-punk)

πŸ’€Retrospective Ghosts – Isolation Records (hardcore) (garage-punk)

πŸ’€2020 Sampler – The Ghost Is Clear Records (hardcore) (noise) (screamo)

πŸ’€19 Notes On A Broken System (punk) (punk rock) (hardcore)

πŸ’€2020 Sampler – Flowerpot Records (lo-fi) (indie) (shoegaze)

πŸ’€A Compilation Vol.2 – Dammit Presents (punk rock) (emo)

πŸ’€Black And Loud – Ontario Artists Against Injustice (afro-punk) (indie-rock)

COMPOST (May 2020)

Still stuck at home, scratching at the walls, bored out of your skull? Cool! Me too! I’m at the point now where I’m sick of finding things to do. I just want to stare at a wall or something. I don’t even want to listen to music right now, but if you do.. here.. waste a day digging through these comps I found! A few hundred bands at least. Most of which you will probably like, depending on your taste.

πŸ’€Jesus Christ Supermarket – Greenday Tribute (pop-punk) (power-pop)
πŸ’€Bailey Vol.1 – Marly Records (bedroom) (dream-pop) (shoegaze)
πŸ’€Jessie Vol.2 – Marly Records (punk) (bedroom) (lo-fi) (shoegaze)
πŸ’€Reconstruction – Stonehenge Records (punk) (hardcore) (france)
πŸ’€Mixtape – FDH Records & Suicide Bong Records (punk) (garage) (synthpunk)
πŸ’€Ones & Twos – Zegema Beach Records(screamo) (emo) (emo-violence)
πŸ’€MMXX – Bus Stop Press (punk) (crust) (folk-punk) (hardcore)
πŸ’€Aquabear Legion 8 – Aqua Bear Legion (punk rock) (inde-rock)
πŸ’€Pilipinas HC Vol.2 – Still Ill Records (punk) (hardcore) (philippines)
πŸ’€Hidden Gems – PPRW Records (pop-punk) (ska-punk) (skate-punk)
πŸ’€City Rockdown – Kolibri Rekords (indie-rock) (dream-pop) (indonesia)
πŸ’€GR Sample – Girlsville Records (punk-rock) (riot grrrl)
πŸ’€Ghost Town Initiative – Ghost Town Initiative (punk) (hardcore) (metal)
πŸ’€Killed By Slow Death 1 – Slow Death Records (punk) (crust) (d-beat)
πŸ’€Storrady 2 – Tego Slucham (punk) (post-punk) (garage-rock)
πŸ’€These Kids Are Sick – I Buy Records (ramonescore) (vapids-tribute)
πŸ’€Social Distancing – Yellants (punk rock) (anthem-punk)
πŸ’€Quarantine Comp 2 – Horror Punks USA (punk rock) (horror-punk)
πŸ’€Never Alone – DCHC519 (antifa) (hardcore) (oi) (punk)
πŸ’€OsterSampler – Pestspiele Booking (punk) (hardcore)
πŸ’€Exploitational Sampler – Creep Records (punk) (emo) (hardcore)
πŸ’€Killed By Boredom – One Chord Wonder (punk rock) (garage-punk)
πŸ’€State Champler – State Champion Records (indie-rock) (noise-rock) (punk)
πŸ’€Pogo Discos Vol.1 – Pogo Discos (punk rock) (garage) (argentina)
πŸ’€Fragementos – Antonia Amor Y Ruido (punk) (emo) (screamo) (colombia)

COMPOST (March 2020)

Let’s say you’ve broken your leg and you’re stuck on the couch and you’re bored with the rest of the internet and you’ve already read this entire blog.. Well I’ve got something that will help you kill some more time. Here’s a big pile of compilation albums you can go through. Literally hundreds of bands to discover. I tried to specify the genres for you as well. Dig in, and keep that leg elevated.

πŸ’€Solid Ground Volume Six – Whisk And Key Records (folk-punk) (pop-punk) (orgcore)
πŸ’€2019 Fall Sampler – The Ridge (punk) (pop-punk)
πŸ’€Sampler Number 2 – Audioconfusion (indie) (indie-rock) (folk)
πŸ’€Punx For Peace – No Spirit (punk) (hardcore) (garage-punk)
πŸ’€Grave Neighbors V​.​3 – Middle Man Records (emo) (post-hardcore) (screamo)
πŸ’€Content Farm Vol.6 – Cowboy 2.0 (indie) (shoegaze)
πŸ’€Fuerza Ultrapoderosa – AndalucΓ­a Über Alles (punk) (hardcore) (spanish-punk)
πŸ’€25th Anniversary Comp – Stonehenge Records (anarcho) (punk) (hardcore)
πŸ’€MSG Vol.2 – MKULTRA SUPPORT GROUP (punk) (indie-punk) (emo)
πŸ’€N.C. LGBTQIA+ Musicians – Walk-in Closet Records (punk) (folk) (indie-rock)
πŸ’€.​.​. .- — .​-​-​. .​-​.​. . .​-​. – Mourning Records (indie-rock) (emo) (screamo)
πŸ’€Party 4 Peace – Crazy & The Brains (punk rock) (garage-punk)
πŸ’€Punk Rock Val 19 – Slovenski Punk Rock Portal (punk) (hardcore) (skapunk) (slovenia)
πŸ’€Malt Transit & Mass Liquor – Brassneck Records (punk) (pop-punk)
πŸ’€Winter 2020 Sampler – Rum Bar Records (powerpop) (garage-punk) (bubblegum)
πŸ’€Bands Of 2019 – Horn & Hoof Records (punk) (folk-punk) (ska-punk)
πŸ’€Year Of The Pig 2019 Sampler – Dead Broke Rekerds (punk) (indie-punk)
πŸ’€Know Your Scene Vol. 5 – Eye Design Records (punk) (indie) (psych) (shoegaze)
πŸ’€Soli Sampler – RilRec Punkrock Family (punk) (hardcore) (german punk)
πŸ’€2020 Ssampler – ZAP Records (punk) (hardcore) (anarcho) (street-punk)
πŸ’€Fetal Records 5 – Fetal Records (punk) (post-punk) (80’s punk)