ARTIFACTS UPDATE: Unearthing Rare Releases From the Past

current coliseumCurrent – Coliseum
(1993) (emocore)
Detroit, MI 🇺🇸

un real anos tapeUn.Real – Años Tape II
(late 90’s) (shoegaze)
Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

asylum kids solid principlesAsylum Kids – Solid Principles
(1982) (new-wave)
South Africa 🇿🇦


len bias show your workLen Bias – Show Your Work
(2004) (math-rock)
Washington, DC 🇺🇸

cold cold heartsCold Cold Hearts – S/T
(1997) (riot grrrl)
Washington, DC 🇺🇸

driven how to be a punk rocker freakDrIvEn – How To Be A Punk Rocker Freak
(1997) (pop-punk)
Halifax, NS 🇨🇦

kobie leavin townKobie – Leavin Town
(2001) (pop-punk)
Akron, OH 🇺🇸

blindside hope risesBlindside – Hope Rises
(1993) (shoegaze)
Melbourne, VIC 🇦🇺

the walking abortions child labourThe Walking Abortions – Child Labour ’94-’97
(mid 90’s) (teen-punk)
London, UK 🇬🇧

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